Guess Which 'Network' Is Giving Ryan Lochte His Own Reality Show? Yes, It's E!

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Last year – before, during and after the 2012 Summer Olympics – gold medal swimmer Ryan Lochte made it clear that when he hangs up his Speedo, he wants to become a serious, respected actor.


The 2012 UPROXX People, Places And Things Of The Year Awards

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Well, friends, another year has come and gone and it’s time to write 2012 into the history books.


Ryan Lochte Wants You To Buy A Nissan, Bro

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I don’t know why I forgot to write about it a few weeks ago, but I didn’t hate the Ryan Lochte cameo on 30 Rock.


This Week In Celebrity Sports Analysis: Verne Troyer Called Out The Michigan Wolverines

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It’s strange, as I was settling in to watch college football this weekend, I found myself wondering: “Hey, you know who are two people that we haven’t heard from in a while.


Gee, I’ll Bet Her Dad Is Excited

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Aside from Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, most of us would be hard pressed to name another Olympic swimmer, especially those from other countries, because USA.


Ryan Lochte Is Hanging Out With The Situation Now Because Of Course He Is

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Olympic gold medalist and guy who trademarked the word “JEAH”, Ryan Lochte turned 28-years old on August 3, which was almost 8 weeks ago, and that’s important to remember because he was the guest of honor at Liv in Miami this past weekend, as he celebrated his birthday.


Great Moments In 'Whatever, Bro': Ryan Lochte Didn't Think SNL Was Funny

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Out of habit, after I watched the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, I called it awful, because it followed the same old formula of opening strong and slowly trailing off into laziness.


SNL: Ryan Lochte Talks TV


Ryan Lochte (host Seth MacFarlane) stops by Weekend Update to discuss his favorite new TV shows.


9.10 The Cooler

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Feeva 10 Atlanta Rappers To Watch Out For [Complex] Top 10 One-Liner Comedians [Listverse] Ryan Lochte To Guest Star On ’30 Rock’ [With Leather] Conventions Are Over, Now What.


Ryan Lochte Will Ruin, I Mean, Guest Star On ’30 Rock’

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Back in 2008, NBC’s 30 Rock had an episode entitled “Believe in the Stars” that dealt with Kenneth learning that Olympic hero Tyler Brody was just a fake, because there was no such thing as Olympic tetherball, octuples tennis, or synchronized running.


Nick Symmonds > Ryan Lochte

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I have a ton of respect for America’s Olympic athletes, from the young ladies of the Fierce 5 to the members of the Men’s Basketball Team (yes, even LeBron James) and even for a stuttering human meatloaf like Ryan Lochte.


Ryan Lochte Is Going To Cost ABC $750,000

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As was discussed last week, Olympic gold medalist and total bro Ryan Lochte will be making his acting debut on 90210 while he sorts through the bevy of acting offers he’s received from shows desperate to improve their ratings.


Captain Picard Tried To Kill Ryan Lochte

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Well, I suppose I owe Ryan Lochte an apology.


Ryan Lochte As The Next ‘Bachelor’? Sure, That Makes Perfect Sense


Just like any world class Olympic athlete with limited appeal and a temporary window, swimmer Ryan Lochte is trying to make the most of his current fame and inexplicable sex symbol status by throwing his name out there for reality TV appearances.


Ryan Lochte is Terrible at Commercials


Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte tries to shoot a Gatorade commercial.


Peeing in Pools with Ryan Lochte


Ryan Lochte clears up any and all confusion surrounding peeing in pools.


Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Is Not So Good With The Words (And the Morning Links)

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Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is great at what he does, as long as what he does isn't speaking in public, plus the best of the Internet this morning.


PoV: Ryan Lochte Wins Olympic Gold, Rocks An Ill Grill

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The Olympic's TV schedule is all kinds of screwy so it's hard to know when it's okay to share news without it being a total spoiler for anyone who hasn't caught up on watching events.

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