Ryan Lochte Will Sit Down With Matt Lauer For His First Interview Since The Rio Robbery Scandal

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He apologized but that didn’t really go so well for Ryan Lochte. In fact, this whole week can be placed firmly in that category, seeing as how the gold-medal winning swimmer has turned himself into a laughingstock for the whole world to see after his story of being robbed at gunpoint in Rio unraveled in spectacular fashion.

They say image is everything, so Lochte will take another stab at damage control with his first sit-down interview since the story broke and was subsequently broken. NBC’s Matt Lauer will have the privilege of conducting this chat and, per Deadline, it will air during primetime on NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. A preview of the interview is set to be shown beforehand on NBC Nightly News and more will be unveiled Monday morning on the Today show.

Lochte, never once in his life accused of being a Rhodes Scholar, has seen his account of what happened on that drunken trip to a gas station shredded by the police, his teammates and, most importantly, security footage. As previously mentioned, he put forth an apology in the form of a statement, but that didn’t exactly work out either. With it now clearer than ever that he made the whole thing up and subsequently humiliated not just himself, his teammates and USA Swimming but the entire country of Brazil, one would assume that what is an actual apology tour is now underway.

(via Deadline)