John Oliver Ruthlessly Mocked Ryan Lochte For Being ‘America’s Idiot Sea Cow’

Ryan Lochte will probably never regain public adoration after he was caught lying about a supposed armed robbery after a party in Rio last week. Lochte didn’t do himself any favors with his lame apology, and it’s especially damning when you consider the other swimmers who were with him have completely contradicted his story. Even Lochte’s sit-down interview with Matt Lauer has done little to stop people from being angry at him for making up huge parts of the story.

Now, John Oliver is getting in on the fun by taking Lochte to task for the entire incident. The Last Week Tonight host had some glorious insults to hand out to Lochte, saying he “looks like he’s about to play the porn role of John Slattery in Mad Men,” calling him “America’s Idiot Sea Cow,” saying he was “if Sting was a jock” and labeling him the “purest form of the chemical element Bro.”

In addition, Oliver also said Lochte’s lies and “bullsh*t apology” means that he’s ruined himself for us and can no longer be viewed as one of America’s favorite idiots, before playing a montage of some of Lochte’s most ridiculous quotes over the years.

At 32, Lochte is probably done with the Olympics, and after this latest incident, it would probably do him some good to just stay out of the public eye for a while, unless he wants to hear more jokes about how he thinks Game of Thrones takes place in the 1800s.