Report: Cavs Deal Jack In Three-Team Trade To Open Up Space For LeBron

The Cavs haven't had enough cap space to offer presumptive free agent signee LeBron James the max contract he desires, but they opened up enough room in a three-team trade involving the Nets and Celtics, ESPN's Marc Stein reports.


Victor Oladipo & The Top 10 Rookie Of The Year Candidates

One of the most unpredictable drafts in NBA history is in the books, and the speculation is underway.


The Fantasy Doctor Breaks Down Which Rookies You Have To Draft Next Year

The 2013 NBA Draft was shocking to say the least, with two of it's projected top picks (Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore) dropping out of the top five.

Tony Mitchell

NBA Draft Fast Five: The Worst Omen For This Year’s No. 1 Pick & 5 Under-The-Radar Potential Stars

Each week over the past few months, we assessed how the top prospects in the 2013 NBA Draft were faring in college and overseas, and in predraft workouts.

Sergey Karasev

Fast 5: Tracking This Year’s NBA Draft Class, Vol. 6

Each Wednesday, we'll be assessing how the top prospects of the 2013 NBA Draft are faring in college and overseas.

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