The Top 20 Dunking Point Guards Of All Time


For a very long time, the NBA has been about who has the better athletes.


Kobe Bryant’s 10 Most Bad Ass Quotes This Season (Updated)

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The season wasn't even halfway done, and Kobe Bryant had still uttered enough to reporters to fill a top-10 list.


The Lakers Get Embarrassed; Carmelo Takes Back New York


At some point, the Lakers need to sit back and reassess everything.


The 10 Best Personal Rivalries Of Kobe Bryant’s Career


With Lakers guard Kobe Bryant becoming the fifth and fastest player in NBA history to score 30,000 points, Dime is looking at all angles of the five-time champion's career today.


Kobe Bryant’s Top 10 Dunks

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Originally posted in October of 2011, we're revisiting some of our favorite Kobe Bryant content after he became the fifth player to ever score 30,000 points last night.


Smush Parker And Kobe Are Still Feuding; Gerald Green’s Hops Are Still Insane


Smush Parker responded to Kobe Bryant's derisive comments that Parker was never a NBA-quality guard, only the last pick on the playground because the Lakers were too cheap for anyone else.


Kobe Bryant Still Hates Smush Parker With A Passion

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It's often misconstrued throughout Kobe Bryant's illustrious, roller coaster and controversial career that Shaq was his most hated teammate at one point or another.

Video Games

The 10 Best Basketball Video Game Intros Ever

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We seem to be talking a lot about video games lately. There was the return of GoldenEye that we had the chance to check out.


Bobcats got your tongue? Lakers get sent home with bruised egos

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Somebody call Smush Parker and tell him to dust off his purple kicks.


5 NBA Video Game Superstars Who Don’t Translate to Reality

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Nothing hurts like getting beat in a video game when someone like Richard Jefferson goes off for 14 dunks in one game.


Dirk’s Dwindling Championship Hopes Take Another Hit

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Despite the fact Dirk Nowitzki signed a new four-year contract with the Mavericks this summer, the realistic oddsmaker knows Dallas' championship window for the Dirk era only has a couple of years left -- if it hasn't been slammed shut already by the likes of Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade and Baron Davis -- before it's officially rebuilding time.


“I got a kid who’s 15, he’s gonna be the next Jordan.”

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This morning on the subway I was reading Best American Sports Writing's 1998 edition, in particular a Sports Illustrated piece by Rick Telander about New York City playground ball.

#Jay Z

The Definitive List of Kobe Bryant Agitators

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Anybody who watches MSNBC's "Lockup" knows this much about prison etiquette: It's all about perception.

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