Kobe Bryant Still Hates Smush Parker With A Passion

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It's often misconstrued throughout Kobe Bryant's illustrious, roller coaster and controversial career that Shaq was his most hated teammate at one point or another.


The Never Ending Rivalry Between Kobe Bryant And Smush Parker

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<a href=""> Lakers/Celtics, Duke/UNC, Ohio State/Michigan, Yankees/Red Sox, the world/Cowboys, Cell/Rosado/myself, you know what they have in common? They all hate each other with an unabashed passion and, as fans, we wouldn't have it any other way. Rivalries are a key ingredient to the giant recipe that is sports. Sometimes, however, those tug-of-wars occur between former teammates. The Los Angeles Lakers may be the cream of the crop in the NBA right now, but only <a href="">five years ago</a> the franchise was known as Kobe Bryant and a bunch of guys who the D-League would pass on.

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