Counterpoint: James Harden Should Win This Season’s MVP


Maybe it's my argumentative nature, but I'm uncomfortable with how quickly the consensus has built in favor of Curry over James Harden, especially after a season of hearing that the race would come down to the wire and be too close to call

Mike Budenholzer

Hawks’ Mike Budenholzer Edges Warriors’ Steve Kerr For Coach Of The Year

There could only be one wrong answer for Coach of the Year this season: any name other than Mike Budenholzer or Steve Kerr.


‘So Many Beers': Why Steve Kerr Is Always Cool With Whatever Charles Barkley Says

The lesson here is that the more you buy someone beer, the more you can say anything you want about them and they won't be upset.

Steph Curry

Steph Curry Thinks James Harden Is ‘A Little Aggressive’ About Campaigning For MVP

Everybody has an opinion about who should win the NBA's Most Valuable Player Award this season, especially the candidates themselves.


Warriors Congratulate Steve Kerr On Rookie Coaching Record With Gatorade Shower

The good times just keep on coming for the Golden State Warriors.

#Stephen Curry

The Five Biggest Stephen Curry Steps On His Path To Stardom

Stephen Curry has undergone such a unique journey to his place atop the NBA. Five watershed moments act as benchmarks for that ascension.

#Stephen Curry

Steph Curry Is A Great Defender — He Just Won’t Ever Let NBA Fans Realize It


Steph Curry won't ever be lauded for his defense, but his stellar performance on that end is still spurring the Warriors to dominance.

Harrison Barnes

After Two Defensive Lapses, Harrison Barnes Sinks The Game-Winner Over The Suns

Harrison Barnes made up for falling asleep on the two defensive possessions where Phoenix scored in the final 30 seconds by hitting the game-winning floater in the lane with 0.4 seconds left.


Doc Rivers And Steve Kerr Throw Fuel On Rivalry Fire Before Clippers Meet Warriors

Draymond Green might not be suffering from "Blake-itis," but the Defensive Player of the Year candidate still isn't playing in tonight's marquee matchup between the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.


Sarcastic Steve Kerr: ‘I Would Vote For Russell Westbrook’ As MVP


Steve Kerr is as affable as he is effective. And considering the first-year coach has guided the Golden State Warriors to the league's best record, the 49 year-old must be pretty damn genial.


Steve Kerr Emailed Upset Fans After The Warriors Sat Their Starters Friday Night

Kerr continues to impress us in his first year as head coach. He understands the fan's plight, but knows his team needs rest.


Golden State Warriors Pull A Spurs And Rest Basically Their Entire Team

The Golden State Warriors are taking a page from the Spurs and resting basically everyone against the Nuggets

spike lee

Spike Lee Was At The Warriors Game Because ‘I Haven’t Seen A Good Game This Year’

Spike Lee finally got to see a good game, and he was about as far away from New York as you can get. Steve Kerr wondered why Spike was in Oakland, and his answer was perfect.


Steve Kerr Knows Exactly What Steph Curry Was Thinking When He Prematurely Celebrated A 3-Pointer


Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the world. It's to the point now where any other argument is foolish. The Golden State Warriors superstar is basketball's shooting king now, and there's a good chance he'll own that distinction forever.


On Daryl Morey’s MVP Campaigning For James Harden, Steve Kerr Says He’s ‘Focused On Other Stuff’

Steve Kerr overtly called out Daryl Morey for his James Harden MVP crusade, saying he's "focused on other stuff."


Gregg Popovich And Steve Kerr Share Some Wine And [Fictional] Conversation After Warriors Beat Spurs

But it wasn't that simple for Steve Kerr. Unbeknownst to the Golden State Warriors' affable first-year head man, his mentor and former coach, Gregg Popovich, never stops thinking of his ways to improve the defending champion San Antonio Spurs – even while enjoying a glass of his favorite red, and especially after a loss like Friday night's.


Steve Kerr’s All-Star Strategy: “One Of You Guys Get It, And Like Throw It To One Of The Other Guys, Then You Shoot’

Steve Kerr is a leading candidate for Coach of the Year, so it's not exactly surprising that his Western Conference All-Stars have outplayed their Eastern counterparts. What team could put forth a losing effort with huddle strategy like this?


LaMarcus Aldridge, Not Kevin Durant, Is Named Final Western Conference All-Star Starter

Kevin Durant joined prior injury replacement starters James Harden and Klay Thompson in Steve Kerr's opening five alongside Steph Curry and Marc Gasol during today's Western Conference All-Star practice. However, the Golden State Warriors coach must not have been impressed with how the reigning MVP acquitted himself during the "intense" session. Just a few hours later, Kerr officially announced that LaMarcus Aldridge – not Durant – would be his exhibition squad's fifth and final starter.


Watch Steve Kerr Video Bomb SportsCenter In Advance Of ‘Dubs-Hawks

We're so excited for tonight's matchup between the league's two best teams that we've grown something close to nervous.

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