Here’s Stephen A. Smith Saying Last Year Steve Kerr Wasn’t Qualified To Coach In The NBA


Old video of Stephen A. Smith questioning whether Steve Kerr is qualified to be a head coach. Hindsight is 20/20; Smith isn't totally wrong.


Tim Duncan To Steve Kerr After Golden State Won The Title: ‘It’s That Easy, Huh?’

Just a little friendly between a five-time champion and six-time champion.

#2015 NBA Finals

‘RAN OUT OF TALENT': The Cavs Never Had A Chance, No Matter How Superhuman LeBron Was


LeBron James came close to basketball nirvana in the 2015 NBA Finals, but the Cavs never had a chance against this Warriors team.


Golden State Used A Typically Balanced Attack In Game 6 To Overcome Cleveland

The Golden State Warriors got key contributions from several role players to beat the Cavs and win their first NBA Championship since 1975.

Festus Ezeli

Festus Ezeli Runs The Floor For A MASSIVE Tip-Dunk Plus The Foul

Festus Ezeli has seen more playing time than both David Lee and Andrew Bogut, and that seems to be paying off for the Warriors.

#2015 NBA Finals

Steve Kerr On Stephen Curry’s Unhinged 3-Pointers: ‘Those Were My Genius Invention’

Kerr's light-hearted modesty is the exact example his young squad needs.

#2015 NBA Finals

LeBron Is The ‘Best Player In The World’ And It Doesn’t Matter Against The Warriors


LeBron James was Steph Curry's superior in the Warriors' Game 5 win, casting greater doubt on the Cavaliers' hopes of winning a championship

#Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry Was Cooking In The Fourth And Out-Dueled LeBron For The Game 5 Win


It was attack of the small-ball lineups in Game 5 between the Cavs and Dubs, but Steph Curry and co. were able to fend of Lebron for the win

J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith On The Warriors’ Altered Rotation: ‘Non-Shooters Just Made Shots’

J.R. Smith isn't too concerned by the Warriors' lineup change.


Andrew Bogut Says He ‘Expects To Sit’ For Most Of The NBA Finals’ Remaining Games

Andrew Bogut won't play much for the Finals' remainder, but won't let his demotion become a distraction.

david blatt

Given The Warriors’ Game 4 Win, Should The Cavs Go Deeper Into Their Bench?

The Warriors made some lineup adjustments and won Game 4. David Blatt and the Cavs might consider doing the same for Game 5 Sunday.


Steve Kerr’s Brilliant Lineup Change Was Inspired By His Assistant Nick U’Ren

Steve Kerr's genius idea to start Andre Iguodala wasn't even his idea.

#2015 NBA Finals

GOING SMALL TO WIN BIG: How Golden State’s Game 4 Roster Gamble Paid Off


Steve Kerr's small-ball adjustments paid big dividends for the Warriors in Game 4, but it's no guarantee the same will occur going forward.

#2015 NBA Finals

Steph Curry Has Unlocked The Secret To The Cavs’ Defense, Says Steph Curry


His small observation from Game 3's 4th quarter gave him a huge boost of confidence.

#LeBron James

Is Anyone A Better Athlete Than LeBron? ‘Maybe American Pharaoh,’ Steve Kerr Says

A prize winning horse or 6'8, 250-pound superhuman? Steve Kerr can't quite choose definitively.


Why David Lee’s Game 3 Presents A Draymond Green Conundrum For Steve Kerr


David Lee thrived where Draymond Green continued to struggle in Game 3. Might that development lead to a change in the Warriors' rotation?

#2015 NBA Finals

These Three Factors Could Decide Tuesday’s Crucial Game 3 Of The NBA Finals

After two nail-biting games in Oakland, these three factors could go a long way to deciding tonight's crucial Game 3 from Cleveland.

#2015 NBA Finals

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS: The Warriors Exposed The One Area Where The Cavaliers Can’t Compete


Behind Andre Iguodala and a frenzied Oracle crowd, the Warriors' beat the Cavaliers in overtime of Game 1.

david blatt

David Blatt On His First NBA Coaching Gig: ‘The Learning Curve Was Greater Than I Thought’

David Blatt is finally comfortable admitting this season has been more difficult than he anticipated, but it doesn't even matter now.

#2015 NBA Finals

PLAYING SMALL TO WIN BIG: Cleveland’s Top Lineup Faces A Unique Challenge Against Golden State


The Cleveland Cavaliers' best lineup could be their undoing against the ultra-versatile Golden State Warriors.

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