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University of Delaware Students Meticulously Recreated The ‘Friends’ Opening Theme

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These University of Delaware Students recreated the 'Friends' opening theme and they nailed it down to a T.


The University Of Toronto Is Basically Hosting A Massive Student Orgy

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If you thought the SEC was just a dominant force in college football and something that lets wealthy people get away with ripping off the rest of us, then you’ve never heard of the University of Toronto’s Sexual Education Centre, which has just become my favorite SEC on this planet.


Report: College Freshmen Don't Care About Lou Gehrig Or Jim Everett

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If you wanted to feel really f**king super old today, this year's college freshmen were born in 1994.


Set Up A Quarantine: These Poor People Have ‘That Aggie Swag’

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Because nobody learned from <a href="" target="_blank">UGA's 'The Dawgs Are Comin' For You'</a>, here's a bunch of Texas A&M's least coordinated white people doing choreographed dances to a hip-hop anthem about campus locations and semi-national burrito chains in Lawrence Knox's 'Aggie Swag'.

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Rob Gronkowski Wants To Have Sex With Tim Tebow For The Worst Reasons


In a story that is hopefully already in the process of becoming a <a href="" target="_blank">Kissing Suzy Kolber skit</a>, New England Patriots tight end, <a href="" target="_blank">pitch man</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">folk hero</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">porn star gronker</a> Rob Gronkowski attended a scheduled public speaking event at the University of Rhode Island and was asked probably the most learned thing a college kid in Rhode Island could ask Rob Gronkowski: "Marry, Eff, Kill: Rex Ryan, Tim Tebow, Betty White.

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Morning Links Are Sweet Like Tiramissle

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Links The 15 Most Absurd Lyrics from Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV - My favorite link of the day.


College: You Can Now Major In ‘Gladiator’

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A German university is undertaking a research project that will have 20 undergraduates screaming "Ich bin ein Spartacus.



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A <a href="" target="_blank">Zombies vs Humans</a> game at Alfred College in New York <a href="" target="_blank">shut down the entire campus</a> when a Nerf gun used to "stun" players who are zombies was confused for an actual gun.

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