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Wherefore Art Thou, ‘Sharknado’? A SyFy Executive Muses On Quality Movie Names.

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SyFy executive Thomas Vitale talks about SyFy movie names that work, which leads to an important discussion about koalas.


The World Will Quake With Fear: The 20 Best SyFy Original Movie Titles

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From 'Arachnoquake' to 'Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon,' nobody comes up for great names for bad movies better than SyFy.


‘Sharknado’ Got Below Average Ratings But Might Get A Sequel Anyway

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The ratings for "Sharknado" weren't that great, but the Twitter storm it caused may lead to a sequel anyway.

best movie ever

An Important Discussion About ‘Sharknado,’ The Greatest Movie Ever About A Shark-Filled Tornado

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Syfy's "Sharknado" was everything we dreamed it would be, and here's the recap and GIFs to prove it.


Highlights From The ‘Sharknado’ Conference Call With Tara Reid & Director Anthony Ferrante

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"You just had to use your imagination and pretend there were sharks everywhere.”


Guys. GUYS. Syfy Has Released A Teaser Trailer For ‘Sharknado.’

By | 41 Comments

Syfy has released a trailer for "Sharknado." This is very important.


10 Pros And Cons Of SyFy’s New Series ‘Defiance’

By | 37 Comments

Is SyFy's new series worth watching? Here's ten reasons it is, and ten reasons it isn't.


Jaleel White Is Probably Not The First Person Who’s Wanted To Punch Their Agent In The Face

By | 34 Comments

Jaleel White, host of Syfy's "Total Blackout" who won all of our hearts as Steve Urkel, was nice enough to answer a few of our questions recently.


Ronald D. Moore Is Back With A New Show, ‘Helix’

By | 8 Comments

Ronald D. Moore is returning to SyFy with 'Helix', and the concept will sound a little... familiar.


SyFy Wants To Reboot ‘Waterworld’ As A Low-Budget Series

By | 3 Comments

The president of the SyFy channel says a series based on 'Waterworld' is being "talked about endlessly". Someone alert Treat Williams immediately.

IMPORTANT: Syfy Is Making A 'Real Steel'-Style Reality Show About Giant Fighting Robots

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Syfy is making a reality show about huge robot warriors fighting to the death, inspired by the film 'Real Steel.' YES.

scare tactics

What’s On Tonight: ‘Pregnant with a Mutant,’ Which, Yes, Is Hosted by Tracy Morgan

By | 11 Comments

The best of what's on TV tonight, including new episodes of "Scare Tactics," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Revolution."


Julie Benz Has A New SyFy Series Called ‘Defiance’ That Looks … Interesting

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A trailer and plot description for the new futuristic SyFy series, 'Defiance,' starring Julie Benz, Mia Kirshner, and Grant Bowler.


Jersey Shore Shark Attack: Non-Syfy Edition

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In a case of life imitating Syfy, here is a video of a terrifying shark feeding frenzy just off the Jersey Shore. No thank you very much.


M. Night Shyamalan Has Decided to Suck on Television Now, Too

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Having gone as low as you can go in feature films, M. Night Shyamalan is now taking a stab at being horrible on television, too.


Humpday Mashup Dump


[<a href="">Context</a>.

Roger Corman

'Piranhaconda'? Never Change, Syfy

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Syfy's original movies are rarely anything short of a bonkers camp joyride, and the trailer for their newest one, Piranhaconda, looks like the latest in a line of flawless gems.


Forget 'The Avengers,' We Have a New Contender for Best Film of the Summer

By | 12 Comments

Why would you waste your time and money watching $100 million special effects; an all-star, A-list cast; Scarlett Johansson's boobs in motion; and an abundance of Hulk Smash when you can see a movie with twelve dollar special effects, the old guy from "The Sopranos"; the fat guy from 'N Sync; fake Jersey boobs in motion; and, um, sharks.

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