The Trailer For ‘Avalanche Sharks’ Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch This Week

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The news and details surrounding this new trailer for a movie called Avalanche Sharks are a little confusing.


An Important Transcript From SyFy’s ‘Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Gators’

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The TV movie event of the late summer: "Ragin' Cajun Redneck Gators."


What’s On Tonight: FOOTBALL. Also, ‘Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Gators.’

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including THE RETURN OF THE NFL and something called "Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators."


Syfy In Real Life: Testicle-Eating Fish From The Amazon Are Invading Europe

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Fishermen in Sweden recently caught a pacu, a relative of the piranha best-known for biting people's testicles off.


The ‘Sharknado’ Sequel’s Title Is Pretty Uninspired

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Hot off of the success of a lot of people ironically watching Sharknado and Tweeting about is as if <a href="" target="_blank">it was the greatest thing that ever happened</a> to anyone in the history of Thursday night summer TV movies, SyFy announced that we would be getting a sequel in 2014.


Tara Reid May Have Been Axed From The 'Sharknado' Sequel (UPDATE: Or Not.)

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TMZ is reporting that Syfy doesn't want Tara Reid back for the "Sharknado" sequel, although a Syfy rep says no decision has been made yet.

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You'll Soon Be Able To See ‘Sharknado’ In A Theater At Midnight, Just Like Other Delightfully Bad Films

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Would you prefer to pay to see Sharknado in a theater at midnight rather than watch it at home whenever FOR FREE? Well, if so, THANKS HOLLYWOOD!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Syfy’s New Post-Apocalyptic ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Miniseries Sounds Amazing

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Syfy is making a new "Wizard of Oz"-themed miniseries set in a future, post-apocalyptic universe where Dorothy is a male warrior. Obviously.

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Ron D. Moore’s ‘Helix’ Leaks A Clip, Also Some Black Fluid

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'Helix' will be hitting Syfy early next year, but until then, here's some black drippy fluid. No, in the video.


Syfy Announced A Sharknado Sequel And A Contest To Choose The Title

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Syfy has greenlit a Sharknado sequel. Or prequel. Either way, there will be more sharks falling from the sky in the near future.


Wherefore Art Thou, ‘Sharknado’? A SyFy Executive Muses On Quality Movie Names.

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SyFy executive Thomas Vitale talks about SyFy movie names that work, which leads to an important discussion about koalas.


The World Will Quake With Fear: The 20 Best SyFy Original Movie Titles

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From 'Arachnoquake' to 'Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon,' nobody comes up for great names for bad movies better than SyFy.


‘Sharknado’ Got Below Average Ratings But Might Get A Sequel Anyway

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The ratings for "Sharknado" weren't that great, but the Twitter storm it caused may lead to a sequel anyway.

best movie ever

An Important Discussion About ‘Sharknado,’ The Greatest Movie Ever About A Shark-Filled Tornado

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Syfy's "Sharknado" was everything we dreamed it would be, and here's the recap and GIFs to prove it.


Highlights From The ‘Sharknado’ Conference Call With Tara Reid & Director Anthony Ferrante

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"You just had to use your imagination and pretend there were sharks everywhere.”


Guys. GUYS. Syfy Has Released A Teaser Trailer For ‘Sharknado.’

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Syfy has released a trailer for "Sharknado." This is very important.

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