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Watch ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Quiz Marijuana Dispensary Customers On Current Events

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Jimmy Kimmel held a Pot Quiz and people missed some big questions while still showing a mastery of apple bong construction


This Colorado Meth And Taco Truck Operation Was The ‘Breaking Bad’ Of Food Trucks

By | 14 Comments

An alleged Colorado taco truck/meth operation has been thwarted, but why did they turn to illegal drugs in the first place?


Speaking Of ‘The League’, Jon Lajoie Wrote ‘The Best Christmas Song’ Of All-Time

By | 3 Comments

This isn’t necessarily sports news, because it’s really about an actor from a show that really isn’t about fantasy football, but we don’t talk about The League enough here and that’s borderline criminal.


Some Dude Stole ‘The League’s’ Idea for Netflix with Ties

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Back in December, "The League" featured an episode where Taco came up with the not-so-crazy idea of a Netflix type service for neck ties called "Neckflix.

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