Glory Hole

This Clueless Christian Group Named A Men’s Homeless Shelter ‘The Glory Hole’


This Christian group were probably too busy being good Christians to know what the other meaning of 'glory hole' is.

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Citi Bikes Now Being Used To Provide Spinning Classes For The Homeless In New York City


Popular Twitter and YouTube comic The Fat Jew developed a new spin class for the homeless using New York City's new Citi Bike system.


Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Driving Drunk Inside A Walmart


A homeless man named Timothy Carr entered a Brooksville, Florida, Walmart on Sunday night, grabbed an alcoholic beverage from a shelf, started boozing and took himself a little joyride on a motorized shopping cart, for which he received a DWI.

the homeless

Homeless People Being Used As Wi-Fi Hotspots At SXSW


One of the problems with having thousands of techies converge on one city, Austin, for a few days for SXSW is connectivity.

the homeless

One Year Later, ‘Golden-Voiced’ Homeless Man Ted Williams Is Doing Just Fine


It's kind of hard to believe that it's been a year since the internet made a "golden-voiced" homeless man from Ohio named Ted Williams the first viral sensation of 2011, but it has.

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