Citi Bikes Now Being Used To Provide Spinning Classes For The Homeless In New York City

With more than 125,000 Twitter followers, the man who calls himself The Fat Jew is hardly a stranger to fans of Internet comedy, but his latest groundbreaking idea may very well turn him into a leader in the fitness industry. As people in New York City debate the value of the Citi Bike system, which allows people to rent bicycles to travel from one part of the city to another, the Fat Jew is using parked bikes to help keep the homeless in shape.

Because the bikes’ wheels still spin when they’re locked into the rental station, the Fat Jew figured that he could teach his homeless friends about the same fitness programs taught at SoulCycle and FlyWheel, only for free. You know, at least while someone conveniently has a camera pointed in that general direction.

But real or just for comedic purposes, Fat Jew’s plan could very well become mainstream since plenty of bikes will now be available once other citizens see that homeless people have been exercising on them.

(H/T to the Crosby Press)