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The Monkees’ Mickey Dolenz Clears Up The Urban Legend Behind The Band’s Relationship With Charles Manson

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Mickey Dolenz revealed the truth behind the urban legend of Charles Manson's audition with The Monkees.

the monkees

3.1 The Cooler

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Shelly & Simfony Brooks Monkees Star Davy Jones Dies At Age 66 [USA Today] An Oral History Of The Malice At The Palace [Grantland] How Much Nicki Minaj Is Talent vs Barbie'd Blinking Gimmick.

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RIP: Davy Jones Dead at 66

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Davy Jones, the lead singer of the the first manufactured band*, The Monkees, has died.

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Davy Jones Of The Monkees Is Dead

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Davy Jones, the British lead singer of a band called The Monkees that was formed entirely for a television show about a Beatles-type band, is dead after suffering a heart attack.

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