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Fox News Used False Claims About Sprinkles As Proof That President Obama Plans To Ban Christmas Cookies

By | 31 Comments

Fox & Friends says the FDA and Obama are coming for your sprinkles. They're not.


Kirk Cameron Says His Latest Movie Will ‘Rile Atheists’ And Win The War On Christmas

By | 112 Comments

For a man who believes most of us will burn in hell, he sure loves fruit a lot


Bill O’Reilly: Megyn Kelly Was Right About Santa Claus Being White

By | 34 Comments

Well you didn't think Bill O'Reilly was just gonna sit back and let Megyn Kelly soak up all the War on Christmas controversy for herself, did you?


Fox News Has Kicked Off Its Annual War On Christmas And The ‘Daily Show’ Is On It

By | 91 Comments

Like clockwork, Fox News has kicked off its annual "War on Christmas" coverage. Thankfully, the Daily Show is around to make fun of it.


Jon Stewart Absolutely Destroys Fox News’ Absurd ‘War On Christmas’

By | 65 Comments

Fox News, like an addict that can't fight off the urge to take just one more hit, is going to the "War on Christmas" well again. Jon Stewart calls bullshit.

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