Jon Stewart Absolutely Destroys Fox News’ Absurd ‘War On Christmas’

12.04.12 65 Comments

In the wake of Obama’s victory last month, the GOP has been doing some soul searching. Many within the party are convinced that its hard turn to the right in recent years is hurting them with younger voters, women and people of color, and some are of the believe that having an entire cable news operation acting as its propaganda wing — effectively serving as a non-stop attack ad against Obama and the Democratic party — is doing the GOP a disservice rather than benefiting them.

So is Fox News maybe dialing it back a bit in the wake of the election, maybe taking some time to reevaluate their “scare the bejesus out of white people” strategy? HAHAHAHAHAHA, of course not!

Rather, Fox News, like an addict that can’t fight off the urge to take just one more hit, is still up to its old shenanigans, going hard to the “War on Christmas” well once again — nevermind that there’s a good chance you heard Christmas songs being played in retail outlets immediately after Halloween. Thankfully, Jon Stewart is around to gloriously call bullsh*t. The money shot: “For God sakes, Fox News itself is located in midtown Manhattan, the epicenter of all that is godless, secular, gay, Jew-y and hellbound, and yet even here, all around your studio, it looks like Santa’s balls exploded.”


Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

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