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Gruesome ‘Breaking Bad’ Deaths To Remind You Not To Get In The Meth Business

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Let's get ready for the 'Better Call Saul' premiere by remembering how people brutally died in Breaking Bad!


Woody Allen Is Going To Write And Direct A TV Show For Amazon

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After winning big at The Golden Globes, Amazon is continuing their climb by announcing a new show from Woody Allen.


Matthew Perry Is Doing The ‘Odd Couple’ Reboot Because His ‘Attempt At Being A Movie Star Failed’

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Matthew Perry has apprently accepted and embraced that Hollywood movies were not his thing and is coming back to TV with Odd Couple reboot.


The New Trailer For Will Forte’s ‘Last Man On Earth’ Makes Him The Best At Everything

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Fox's new Will Forte show, Last Man on Earth, essentially shows us that the last man on earth is the best at everything he does.

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‘Wrestling With Death’ Is The Best Mix Of Pro Wrestling And Undertakers Since The Undertaker

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Coming soon to your TV is Wrestling with Death, a series about a family of undertakers that also wrestles.


Here’s Proof Hollywood Is Getting Better At Using Texting And The Internet In Movies


Admit it, those 'House of Cards' texting bubbles are pretty genius.

TV Show

Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Gets TV Mystery Series


If you're a fan of comedy fantasy, then you're probably a fan of Terry Pratchett.

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