Mark Ruffalo Rode A Unicycle On ‘The Graham Norton Show’ Because, Sure, Why Not?

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Who wants to watch Mark Ruffalo ride a unicycle for the first time in twenty-five years?


Meet Your New Overlord, The Ohio State Halftime Show Bowl-Flipping Red Panda Acrobat

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Meet the Red Panda Acrobat, a lady who can unicycle with one foot and kick a bunch of bowls onto her head because WAIT WHAT, WHAT IS SHE DOING


With Leather’s Watch This: Extreme Unicycling Should Be An Olympic Sport

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When I was a kid, I honestly thought that people who owned unicycles were too poor to buy real bicycles, because why else would someone only have one wheel, right.

#Star Wars

Unicycling Darth Vader Has Upgraded To Flaming Bagpipes


Portland's own unicycling Darth Vader now has bagpipes that can shoot fire. And we have proof.


And now, here’s Gandalf playing the bagpipes on a unicycle

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Look, I promised you Gandalf on a unicycle playing the bagpipes, and here it is, Gandalf, playing the bagpipes and riding a unicycle.


Extreme Mountain Unicycling


Stephanie Dietze and Lutz Eichholz unicycle down a nearly 10,000-foot high mountain, often with painful consequences.


Freestyle Unicycle


Kevin Kartchner and friends showcase some of the craziest stunts ever performed on one wheel.


Unicycle Frontflip


Do you think he fields more offers from the circus or the ladies.


Beer Unicycling And Morning Links


I'm not sure why I'm surprised that there's a world record for this.

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