Watch Kirpatrick McCauley Ring Bell At Top Of Backboard In Venice Beach

Earl "The Goat" Manigault and David "Skywalker" Thompson are the hoopers most notorious for being able to touch the top of the backboard.

Venice Basketball League

The Venice Basketball League Tipped Off Today

The eighth year of the Venice Basketball League returned to Venice Beach today with opening games tipping off at noon.


Video: Terrell Owens Loses to 4-5 Mani Love in 1-on-1

This video popped up on YouTube this morning and, well, you can see for yourself.

Venice Basketball League

The Women Of The Venice Basketball League

Bikini Basketball games are always a good time, even when they really aren't bikini basketball games.

Zach Andrews

The Venice Basketball League Finals Crown A Summer Champion

Everyone wants to talk Goodman, Drew, Rucker, Impact, Dyckman and the rest of the best basketball summer leagues.

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