The Arkansas Razorbacks Pig Helmet Karaoke Housewife Is Back

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Remember back in September when that weird Arkansas Razorbacks fan put on a pig helmet, strapped some tape to her nose a la Pee-wee Herman in Pee-wee's Big Adventure and sang a Razorback-themed version of Brotherhood Of Man's 'United We Stand?' Okay, you probably don't remember ALL of it, but you remember the lady in the pig helmet.


The Best Of Brooklyn Decker On DeviantArt

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While gathering material for last week's Best Of Kate Upton On DeviantArt gallery, I noticed a lot of mislabeled pictures of Kate as "Brooklyn Decker", because people seriously cannot tell them apart.


The Very Best Of Kate Upton On DeviantArt

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Yesterday I wrote a little about sexy Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke, and how we'd helped make her life miserable by exposing her to the creepy nooks of sexy and parody on the Internet.


The Scripps Spelling Bee In Pictures

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The 2011 Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee took place yesterday in Washington, DC and the big winner was Sukanya Roy, pictured above, as she spelled cymotrichous to win the whole damn thing.

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