The Scripps Spelling Bee In Pictures

The 2011 Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee took place yesterday in Washington, DC and the big winner was Sukanya Roy, pictured above, as she spelled cymotrichous to win the whole damn thing. The spelling bee always draws a lot of criticism when it comes to being aired on ESPN and covered by sports sites like this, but I challenge you to find me a more intense and dramatic competition featuring some of the most intelligent and important young people in the world. Seriously, these kids are our future, so we need them to be spelling those big words. Plus, as a former spelling bee champion (Coral Springs Middle School, two times WHAT SON!), the Scripps event holds a special place in my heart.
These kids deserve the attention and respect, too, because the words they have to spell are ridiculous. I remember when I thought “hippopotamus” was hard, and that was just last week. Thankfully, while these kids show great mental strength and bravery for competing in front of the entire world, they make some pretty ridiculous faces. Now I don’t condone making fun of children, especially when they’re doing something this impressive. I only make fun of kids when they fall down and cry, because someone needs to. Regardless, the champion spellers at Buzzfeed dug up the best of this year’s national spelling bee faces for us to enjoy. Sadly, nobody fainted.

If by the age of 16 this kid isn’t using “Wanna take a ride on this Ferrari?” as his key pickup line he will have wasted a blessing.
Don’t look up, the answer isn’t written on the ceiling.

“Excuse me? You ain’t gotta be all rude and sh*t.”
It was wrong of the judges to strangle that kitten while she spelled.
Arvind was unaware that Scripps now penalizes for using the Mile High salute.

Autumn just found out that Chyna made a porn movie.
“How’s my breath? Hello, spelling bee groupies.”

Awesome quarterback and/or Disney Channel show character name.
I’ll be disappointed if his parents didn’t make shirts that read: “We’ve got Phan Phever”.
Oh I’m sorry, are we boring you?
After Emily spelled sciamachy, she treated the crowd to some Sara Bareilles covers.

“Dude, you, like, talk funny, or something.”

Yo girl, I totally tried to make myself pass out when I was in high school and it doesn’t work.
*long squeaky fart noise*
I know, I really liked Mr. Sunshine, too.
Kali was actually watching the last 5 minutes of Game 2 of the NBA Finals.
I wanted Katie to win so the headline could be “Friend or Fo?”
I like to think her family screamed “HU-DEK! HU-DEK! HU-DEK!” every time she spelled a word.
Laura is also a student at the Nic Cage Academy of Facial Expressions.
“Yo, this correct spelling is for my boo.”
“Yo, yo, check it…
My name is Slick Nick
And I’m about to pick
A lovely little honey on her toes I’m gonna lick.”
“Damn, I knew you were gonna give me otorhinolaryngological.”

Grow up, people.

“Ugh, men… am I right, ladies?”
“YES! Frank the Tank! Frank the Tank!”

And the winner of the 2011 Jay Cutler Impression is…
Samuel accidentally walked in on his parents having sex right as he had to spell his word.
“Spelling words? I used to be into that.”

Luck came to this contestant when she was asked to spell her own name.
“Well, there’s always Princeton.”
“Oh man, that’s a tough word…”

“Ohhhhhhhh, I know this sh*t, man!”