The Best Of Brooklyn Decker On DeviantArt

While gathering material for last week’s Best Of Kate Upton On DeviantArt gallery, I noticed a lot of mislabeled pictures of Kate as “Brooklyn Decker”, because people seriously cannot tell them apart. I investigated further and discovered that an Adam Sandler movie and a role as BATTLESHIP LADY in Battleship earn you just as many fans and weird onlookers as a GQ popsicle cover.

So in the spirit of “what, why does this exist”, here’s part two in our series exploring the best portraits and worst Jungle Book-related bondage photoshoppery of If you missed last week’s piece, DeviantArt is a place where people get together to tell each other that the pictures they cobbled together of naked manga characters kickboxing in the jungle are “so creative”.

What you’ll find inside: A few good drawings, a few bad ones, Brooklyn Decker as a giantess (and a clown) and a thing where someone made it look like Brooklyn was giving herself a wedgie. Tread lightly, folks.

[banner image is “Brooklyn Deckers” by ~clone-enthusiat]

“Girl 1 black and white” by ~leuvenardi.

This is loosely based on a pose by model Brooklyn Decker in a 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (If you’re wondering, the model’s face is not like the drawing).

“Brooklyn Decker’s actual face doesn’t look like manga you learned how to draw in the 9th grade.”

“Brooklyn Decker” by ~Rektozhan. I would’ve stuck with the original title, “what Brooklyn Decker would look like if she was being killed by leaves and lava”.

“Brooklyn Decker Drawing” by *Whitewolfheathen. Giraffe underpants!

“Brooklyn Decker 5” by ~mavsfan4life. The longer you stare at it, the funnier it gets (and the more it looks like Missi Pyle).

“Brooklyn Decker – WIP” by ~Akupara.

The reference is from the SI swimsuit 2007. Hopefully i’ll manage to finish it, since i’ve met some difficulties, as you can probably see.

Yeah, you started drawing a f**king guitar over it.

“Brooklyn Decker attempt” by *GarrettVFinazzo. I had no idea the Joker’s tits were that nice.

“Brooklyn Decker” by ~VADELATE, in case you’ve ever wondered what she’d look like in NBA Jam.

“Brooklyn Decker Portrait” by *Netaro, proof that some of these portraits are really, really good.

“FILM INTERLUDE Brooklyn Decker” by *Godzilla713, proof that some of them are really, really not.

“Model Brooklyn Decker” by ~Xayias, aka “what it would look like if I tried to draw Sophia Loren on my own urine”.

“fat brooklyn decker” by ~gst-14, an idea someone seriously stole for 2012’s What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Oh, and in case you’re wondering …

“Fantastic She Hulks” by ~chowyspizz. At some point people just decided She-Hulk was a normal, skinny lady with green skin.

“Felicia Hardy” by ~Nimbuschick. The super hero morphs continue. This one features probably the greatest quote on the Internet:

I was proud of turning this tank top and jeans into a super-suit.

wait, this one might top it:

Brooklyn can kill Zombies, because she has a Killer Body

“Brooklyn Decker vs the Zombie Strippers” by ~CatDigitalArt.

“Brooklyn” by ~vickysomething, advertised as “A drawing of Brooklyn Decker, Monroe style :3”. So, uh, a drawing of Marilyn Monroe, then?

“Giantess Brooklyn Decker” by ~ilikemercs, because some guys are into their ladies being giants.

“Brooklyn Decker WEDGIE!!!!” by ~wedgiehero, because some guys are into photo manipulations that make it look like their lady’s getting a wedgie.

okay, what the f**k, seriously

I don’t want a single Best Of DeviantArt gallery to go up without a character from The Jungle Book killing somebody, so here’s “Kaa Coils Brooklyn Decker” by ~TheCoils. This guy saw a Disney snake with Winnie The Pooh’s voice when he was little and COULD NOT GET OVER IT.

“Brooklyn Decker” by ~howardshum.

“Brooklyn” by ~SriLankanStaringFrog. Yeah, my major problem with the drawing was “too many details”.

“Brooklyn-Decker” by ~ericf989. That’s uh, that’s probably enough.