High School Yearbooks Have Tattoo Pages Now, Because That’s The Kind Of World We Live In

By | 13 Comments

Here are a bunch of tattoos that some high school kids are really going to regret getting someday.


Meet The Yearbook Heroes Of The Class Of 2014

By | 23 Comments

We bring you the cream of the crop that 2014's yearbooks had to offer.


Utah High School Students Are Pissed That Their Yearbook Photos Were Edited To Show Less Skin

By | 40 Comments

Female students at Wasatch High School were surprised to open their yearbooks and see their photos had been altered.


Over 200 Yearbooks Were Recalled After Teachers Saw This Indecent Photo

By | 6 Comments

It's a timeless prank: the ol' Whip Out Your Penis For Your Yearbook Photo.


And The Award For Worst Yearbook Mistake Goes To… ‘Home Run Hitler’

By | 8 Comments

In a yearbook ad taken out by his family, a boy was mistakenly labeled as their "Home Run Hitler" instead of the intended "Home Run Hitter".

The Coolest Girl In High School Used A Horse_ebooks Tweet As Her Yearbook Quote

By | 3 Comments

If only we were all this cool in high school, and not quoting Dave Matthews Band instead.

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