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By 01.21.11

I’m a little bit behind on this news, but burlesque star Dita Von Teese guest starred on last night’s episode of “CSI.” I’d been saving the picture below for a couple weeks, waiting to use it for the applicable “What’s on Tonight” post, but I never write about “CSI” and then yesterday I got caught up in my excitement of “Parks and Rec” and “Community” so it passed without me making note of it.

Anyway, it’s not an earth-shattering story or anything, I just hate saving pictures and then never using them. Also, I wanted to make fun of the fact that her character was a teacher who moonlighted as burlesque dancer “Rita Von Squeeze.” That must’ve been a tough day in the “CSI” writers room.

Head Writer: Hey, Dita Von Teese is coming on the show. What should her character’s name be?

Writer 1: Cheetah Von Fleas?

Writer 2: Anita Gon’ Please?

Writer 3: Sweeta Von Bees?

Head Writer: We better make some coffee, it’s gonna be a long night.


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