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Let’s GIF Weird: The Best GIFs And Images From Last Night’s ‘Workaholics’

By / 01.31.13

With Community's elaborately orchestrated bonanzas and Rafi going Gattaca all over everyone, it's a difficult time to incorporate paintball into your sitcom. That being said, I wholeheartedly approve of drive-by Waymond paintballings and Daniel Stern going John Rambo on store bought birds. Well done.

A few thoughts and lines before we get to a healthy amount of profanity-laden, blurry-donged GIFs.

  • Whenever I see old Daniel Stern I find myself irrationally disappointed that he doesn't look like old Fred Savage.
  • "Just livin' my sucky life. Hatin' it."
  • I need a correct spelling of Barry McKockiner ASAP.
  • "Alice Quits" proved my long-standing theory that a very average whip out is far more disorienting than an above average whip out.
  • Nice to see Jessie Hudson have a memorable moment all his own. RIP Jet Set.

Hopefully your workspace still has walls for what's about to come.

Break Yo Self


Waymond Gets Got


Alice Quits


And Adam Butchers The World's Worst Line


Hot As Balls Model Still Got It Though


Ders Speaks For Every Man


Jet Set Goes Out Like A Boss


Daniel Stern Is A Real Average-Sized Man


And The Guys Restore Balance To The Universe

Chair-donging is a trade craft move. Via


I want more like this!

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