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25 Neat Facts, Easter Eggs, And Running Gags In NBC’s ‘Community’

By 02.05.13

10. In season one, episode six (“Football, Feminism, and You”), Troy suggests to Jeff that he take a pottery class. Thirteen episodes later, in “Beginner Pottery,” Jeff takes a pottery class. FORESHADOWING.

11. Woah. The Monkey Morality Pose in “Regional Holiday Music”! (via)

12. Here is Annie, in Studies in Modern Movement (and notice her dress) (via)

Troy, seven episodes later in in Pillows and Blankets: “I’m giving you an all tomato.”

Coincidence? I think not.

13. Such a subtle character callback between “Conspiracy Theories And Interior Design” and, one season later, “Foosball And Nocturnal Vigilantism.” (via)

Officer Cackowski: Say, you look familiar. Did I ever pretend to shoot a guy in front of you to teach you about gun safety?

14. In a nod to some people suggesting Community had jumped the shark, Britta sported this sweatshirt in the second paintball episode.

15. The show employed a lot of logo jokes involving a “Dan Harmon/Russo Production”:

16. In one of the show’s running gags, Shirley is heard on several occasions referring to her unseen friend, Gary. He’s from Finland.

17. Apparently, it’s some sort of running joke to cast bit character actor Jay Johnstone as a police officer. He’s played “police offer #2” in “The Science of Illusion,” and has played police officers or a law enforcement agent in Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, The Sarah Silverman Program, Reno 911, Men in Black II, Tenacious D, and Dead But Not Serious.

18. See the fellow in the picture below? That’s Abed Gheith, a friend of Dan Harmon’s from his Channel 101 days. Abed is based on him. Harmon originally wanted Abed Gheith to get the role.

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