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By 02.05.13

19. Remember when Dean Pelton was handing out the awards for Tranny Queen? In this clip, he name checks Danielle Harmon, Dan Harmon’s female doppelgänger (who is unseen).

This (embedding disabled) may or may not be Danielle Harmon, which Abed does the Lindbergh Lean with in a later episode.

20. In Physical Education, as Jeff is playing pool, Warren Zevon’s “Werewolf in London” begins to play, and this man can briefly be seen in the background (in that same episode, the guy who played Shawn Hunter’s dad on Boy Meets World plays Jeff’s pool coach).

21. The phrase “Streets Ahead” was taken by Dan Harmom from an insulting tweet directed at him: “Both Modern Family and Glee are streets ahead of your meta bullsh*t.” (via)

22. One of my very favorite meta jokes, in reference to Bill Cosby’s penchant for colorful sweaters:

23. “You’re the worst!” is a frequently used phrase on the show.

24. In the third season’s Documentary Filmmaking: Redux, Luis Guzman was featured as himself, and a Luis Guzman statue was featured on the Greendale campus. Dan Harmon’s first choice for that role was actually Mark Hamill, but Hamill politely declined.

25. Finally, if you don’t watch Community when it premieres this Thursday, the cat gets it.

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