The 8 Bloodiest, Booziest Moments From Last Night’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’: ‘Marriage And Hunting’

By: 11.04.13

chalky narcisse nucky

Meanwhile, Chalky vs. Narcisse intensified. And with good reason: for her indiscretions with his enemy, Narcisse lays his heads on Daughter, leaving her face purple and battered. When Chalky learns what happens, he stomps down to the club, only to find a confident Narcisse sharing a table with an angry Nucky, at a performance where black people are meant to be laughed and screamed at, not be seen as actual humans. Narcisse has no time for what he shouldn’t be doing and where he shouldn’t be seen, though, or in his words, “Where I come from, there are no such thing as n*ggers.” I’d be on Team Narcisse for comments like that…if he hadn’t punched a woman. More bodies are going to drop — the only question is whether Chalky or Narcisse, or both, will join Dunn in the ground.

sally gun

Other important things happened in this episode — Roy acting all shady like, gambling addict Arnold Rothstein, Eli getting info from Nucky, MICKEY DOYLE’S WORTH HALF A MILLION BUCKS — but none of those scenes had a very buxom Patricia Arquette in a nightgown holding a gun in one hand and a lit cigarette in the other.

richard retirement

Oh yeah: RICHARD GOT MARRIED AND CAME OUT OF RETIREMENT. That is the most !!!!!!!! of !!!!!!!!s.

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