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The Best Show Too Many People Are Still Not Watching Has Been Renewed For A Third Season By FX

By 04.16.14

It’s ratings are not spectacular (although, it typically doubles viewership once DVR watchers are accounted for), but FX has seen enough plaudits from critics about their their fantastic Cold War drama to renew it for a third season. In addition to the 9 reasons you should be watching The Americans, we can add one more: FX has faith in it. I’m not suggesting that The Americans is the next Breaking Bad, but like BB, The Americans first two seasons have gotten critical raves and few viewers to back it up. Now, it seems like FX is giving it a chance to find that audience through word of mouth. With Fargo, The Americans, Justified, The Bridge, and Sons of Anarchy, not to mention last night’s phenomenal premiere of Fargo, when it comes to drama, FX really is as good as any other network on television.

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