Let’s Celebrate Jon Lajoie’s (Taco From ‘The League’) Birthday With Some Of His Finest Music Videos

By: 08.21.14  •  10 Comments

“Very Super Famous”

Basically, this song is nearly six minutes of Jon LaJoie singing about all of the different ways he has sex with women around the world due to his “very super famous” status. It’s pretty amazing. The outfit makes another appearance here.

Sample lyric: “Yeah the Eiffel Tower is a lot like my dick / it’s big and it stings when soap gets inside the tip”

“Chatroulette Song”

Poor Jon LaJoie just wants to meet some interesting people on the internet, but unfortunately Chatroulette is nothing but dudes jerking off.

Sample lyric: “Hold on, this guy’s not jerking off / maybe he’s just like me and just wants to talk / hi, how are you / NOPE, there he goes”

“I Can Dance”

LaJoie seems to channel fellow Canadian Bruce McCullough in this one, as a spastic dancer who puts even Napoleon Dynamite to shame. At almost four minutes long, it seems like another one that’s a challenge to get to the end of — but then it suddenly switches gear to become an anti-molestation song. Well played, LaJoie.

Sample lyric: “Some guys have friends and they do high fives / some guys have parents who are still alive / some guys don’t sit when they pee, they stand / I’m not one of those guys, but baby, I can dance”

Kickstarter Campaign Video

This last one isn’t a music video, but I can’t leave out that time LaJoie created a fake Kickstarter campaign to raise $500 million dollars for the express purpose of “becoming super rich.” Had it been a real Kickstarter, he just might have reached that goal, if the potato salad thing is any indication.

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