Here Are The Ten Best Pranks Jim Halpert Pulled On Dwight Schrute, Ranked

By: 09.01.14


5.  When he swapped himself out with an Asian friend. Episode: “Andy’s Ancestry”

Jim convinces Dwight that he’s Asian after he hires a friend to come into the office and pretend he is Jim for the day. It also offers up the amazing sight gag (above).

4. When he convinced Dwight he was getting messages from “Future Dwight.” Episode” “Branch Closing”

Jim really gets into Dwight’s head when he starts receiving faxes from a “Future Dwight,” including a memo stating that the coffee at the office has been poisoned.



3. When he Dressed up as Dwight. Episode: “Product Recall”


dwight cia


2. When he made Dwight believe he was being recruited by the CIA. Episode: “A Benihana Christmas”

Dwight believes he is being recruited by the CIA after Jim and Pam begin sending him letters on the steps to take to be considered for a top secret mission.


1. When he framed Dwight for murder. Episode: “Tallahassee”

Jim stages a murder scene, and in Charles Manson-fashion writes a bloody message on the wall exclaiming who the killer was… DWIGHT! Bonus points for Erin Reaction Face.

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