Does ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Have A ‘Doctor Strange’ Connection?


Agents of SHIELD debuted last night, and brought Ghost Rider back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, well, to the extent that it’s actually connected to the movies. And that, in turn, means the show will be dealing with magic. But are there any connections to Doctor Strange?

The Wrap argues yes, in the form of May’s hallucinations resembling Mads Mikkelsen’s character in the movie. We’re a little less sure, simply because masking an actor’s face and cranking the contrast is a pretty common way to communicate “creepy hallucination.” If you’re a fan of horror movies at all, May’s hallucinations are fairly standard stuff.

Still, there are some interesting plot threads here that will likely have at least a tangential connection to the good doctor. The big question, of course, is why Robbie Reyes turns into Ghost Rider to murder arms dealers and assorted criminals, but there’s also why gangsters are shipping ghosts, especially when said gangsters are dumb enough to open a box that might as well have giant “DO NOT OPEN” signs plastered on all sides. And why is magic only now turning up, after what’s clearly a long history in the MCU? We’ll find out fairly soon; Doctor Strange debuts in theaters on Nov. 4, right when Agents of SHIELD is rolling into sweeps.

(Via the Wrap)

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