Bill Clinton Jokes About Trump’s Self-Image While Touting Hillary’s Health On ‘The Daily Show’

By: 09.15.16
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Election season is in full swing, so former President and potential First Gentleman Bill Clinton is out hitting the campaign trail to support his wife Hillary. A little over twenty years ago, Bill was charming late night audiences with his classic visit to Arsenio Hall, now he’s visiting The Daily Show as Hillary recovers from pneumonia.

Bill was loose and seemed to enjoy himself, immediately spoofing Trump’s comment about feeling 35 when he looks in the mirror. Then President Clinton leaned back in his chair and addressed the elephant in the country: “She looked great when she left this morning and I turned on the TV and saw her in North Carolina and she looked great. She just called and said she got home and she still feels good. Big deal, she had pneumonia. People get it all the time.”

Granted, Bill was concerned with his wife’s well-being, but it seems like Bill is an old pro at seeing people passing out. He’s seen it before, many times, apparently. Bill clearly doesn’t think people should be making a big deal of it.

Finally, Trevor and Bill talked about the Clinton Foundation, philanthropic deeds, and then there was a balloon drop.

Good show, Bill. It was no Arsenio appearance, though.

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