What Can We Tell From The First Two Images Of ‘Breaking Bad’s’ ‘Ozymandias’ Episode?

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09.10.13 102 Comments


We already know that some old friends may be returning to Breaking Bad for the Ozymandias episode. However, the “next week on” promo at the end of the last episode of Breaking Bad,”To’hajiilee,” gave us absolutely no new footage. It was just more footage from the stand-off at the end of the episode juxtaposed with a voice mail message left for Walter by Skyler.

The first of two images from next week’s episode, “Ozymandias” (which Vince Gilligan has described as the best episode of the entire series) tells us what we could already assume: Walter White survived the Mexican stand-off (perhaps, dismissing some theories suggesting that he’d be kidnapped by Uncle Jack and the Aryans). But where is he? Why are there police cones? Is that a car he’s leaning against? Who is he calling? Is he listening to Skyler’s voice mail message? WHAT’S GOING ON?

The other new image is less mysterious:


Based on the fact that she has an overnight bag, that she’s holding Holly, and that Skyler has a terrified look on her face, I think we can assume that she’s about to hightail it out of there. Is she running from Walter? From Hank? From Marie? From the cops? From Uncle Jack? Where’s she going? New Hampshire?

If anyone would like to present their own theories, this is the space to do so.

Here’s the vague “next on” promo, in case you missed it.

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