Guessing All The Tunes In This Carnegie Hall Cartoon Theme Mashup Will Put A Smile On Your Face

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03.27.14 2 Comments

The folks in Carnegie Hall’s Ensemble ACJW went and had a little fun with this incredible mashup of 43 classic cartoon theme songs. Some are a bit surprising, namely Neon Genesis Evangelion which I didn’t even think was on the air in the USA other than some spot on Toonami.

Watching the musicians bob and weave between songs is great. It literally threw a smile on my face and bumped my nostalgia interest up to over 9000. The only problem is that it might’ve been missing a few. Like I might’ve swapped out X-Men Evolution for the original X-Men animated series.

But even with that small complaint, this is a fantastic video to waste some time on. Enjoy guessing the titles and the answers are all posted on the video’s about section.

(Via Carnegie Hall)

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