Conan Investigates His Graphic Designer’s Creepy Doll Collection And Unsettling Boob Fixation

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11.12.13 5 Comments


One of Conan O’Brien‘s strongest running gags is the employee confrontation. (Between that and his always hilarious remote segments, TBS could save a ton on overheard if they ditched the studio and just filmed Conan walking around harassing people.) Last night, he took aim at one of his graphic designers, Pierre Bernard.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Pierre, a fan favorite since Conan’s Late Night days who occasionally pops up during sketches: his Recliner of Rage segment recently resurfaced as part of the “20 Years of Conan” celebration, and the time he unveiled sexy redesigns of famous superheroines remains one of the funniest moments since Conan moved to TBS. So, what’s he been up to lately? Collecting creepy-ass dolls and obsessing over breasts, mostly.

Conan investigates, exposes, and mocks:

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