25 Last-Minute, One-Item Halloween Costumes For Lady Procrastinators

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10.23.13 4 Comments
last-minute, one-item Halloween Costumes for women - Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) — $36 / $29 (Art via Marvel.)

Yesterday we featured ten clothing items that can be used as an instant Halloween costumes, which are even easier to put together than our 30 cheap and easy Halloween costumes. Most of those instant Halloween costumes were unisex or masculine, so we’re doing an additional roundup of feminine instant Halloween costumes.

We’ll have multiple versions of some of the most popular superheroines so you can vary your game depending on how much skin you want to show and how absurdly cold it is where you live. *shakes fist at the Sun that has abandoned us*

All of the costumes below come courtesy of WeLoveFine, although some of these may also be available on Amazon, ThinkGeek, 80sTees, Neatoshop, and other geek-friendly stores. Thanks to Nicole for the assist.

last-minute, one-item Halloween Costumes for women - supergirl

Supergirl — $25 / $29 / $45

last-minute, one-item Halloween Costumes for women - doctor who

The Doctor’s TARDIS ($34) and a DALEK ($36) from Doctor Who

last-minute, one-item Halloween Costumes for women - adventure time

Adventure Time‘s Cake the Cat ($29), Jake the Dog ($34), and BMO ($29)

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