The City Of West Hollywood Is Using ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Fight California’s Drought

10.19.15 2 years ago 4 Comments

If you happen to live in California, you’re probably aware of the brutal drought that’s been going on for the past four years. I just drove through the state and certainly noticed several rivers that were no longer rivers and lakes that were verging on puddles.

A lot of districts are getting creative with ways their citizens can help: One county suggests “dropping a brick” in the back of your toilet so it uses less with each flush. And now the city of West Hollywood is using Game of Thrones to try and entice its people to shrink their water footprint.

Winter is Coming! But the Drought is Far From Over is a Special Announcement from the City of West Hollywood about the severity of California’s epic drought. Despite predictions of El Niño conditions and wet winter weather, the state is still facing one of the most severe droughts on record and it is vital that communities conserve water. The City of West Hollywood has steadily intensified its efforts to use less water and promote conservation. The City of West Hollywood launched this water conservation campaign aimed at encouraging residents and businesses to make adjustments in their daily routines in order to conserve water.

Thems some super serious production values going into this ad for a super cereal problem. That’s the real Game of Thrones theme song playing in the background, and you know that ain’t cheap. Meanwhile, all the actors and actresses are garbed in authentic-looking Thrones clothing. I don’t know how much that costs, but I plan to ask the dozens of Jon Snows and Daenerys Targaryens I see out on Halloween.

Will this ad help fix issues in California? It’s doubtful. With certain celebrities and businesses continuing to guzzle water and the agriculture industry continuing to grow high use/low yield crops, it seems like we need to start paying less attention to individuals and more to the Others that are going to kill us all.

I’ll take more of these fancy Game of Thrones commercials, though.

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