Gordon Ramsay Is A Goon

12.21.11 5 years ago • 10 Comments

This compilation of TV chef Gordon Ramsay yelling at people (NSFW audio) has been making the rounds over the past day or two. It checks in at a completely unreasonable 42 minutes, so I certainly don’t expect anyone to watch the whole thing. Hell, I can barely stay focused during 42 minutes of something I actually enjoy, like watching an episode of “Justified” or ranting to people on the street about how Jeff from “Saved by the Bell” was a total creep. So the concept of spending that much time watching an egomaniacal little brat berate grown men and women like they’re children doesn’t appeal to me in the least.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why people enjoy this goon. “OH LOOGIT HONEY, HE CALLT THAT LADY A F-CKIN DONKEY BUHCUZ SHE CUT THE PUHDATOES WRONG. HAHA.” It’s a ridiculous premise for a show, and he is a ridiculous person. If I wanted to see someone yell and scream at his underlings like a drunken, power-mad tyrant, I would watch a college football game. At least then maybe I’d get to see a fat guy do a dance after scoring a touchdown. I love it when that happens.

In summation, I’ve said this before, but I would pay $50 to see someone wordlessly approach Gordon Ramsay during one of his impotent tirades and just smash a pineapple right on top of his dumb head. Double that if the smasher is a big fat guy who dances afterwards. Offer’s on the table.

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