Here Is a Photo of Jim Carrey Running Around Queens Shirtless

Senior Pop Culture Editor
02.09.12 4 Comments

I’m pissed I used my go-to Jim Carrey reference – talking out of his butt – earlier because now I just have to report the news: the picture you see above is not a depiction of what’s going on in Carrey’s mind at all times, but rather, a shot from his upcoming “30 Rock” appearance.

I think he’s supposed to be playing the Monopoly Man, real name Rich Uncle Pennybags, or maybe the old man’s slightly younger, more flamboyant brother. Here’s hoping this proves true because then Carrey’s career will have really come full circle, from wearing Pennybags as a scarf in Ace Ventura 2 to playing the millionaire himself 17 years later. It’s only a matter of time before people start ironically saying “alrighty then” again.


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