Hey Look! Good News! Kinda!

12.02.11 32 Comments

In news that television experts are calling “good,” and “a thinly-disguised excuse to run that image at the top of a post for the millionth time,” Variety is reporting that Hulu and Sony have struck a deal that will bring all three seasons of “Community,” as well as next day airing rights, to their subscription service, Hulu Plus. Now, I’m no fancy doctor of MBA Viral Marketing and Web-Based Bric-a-brac, but at the very least this is positive because it provides an opportunity to get more eyeballs on the show AND opens up a new revenue stream for the company that produces it. These kinds of web syndication deals will become more and more important as old fuddy-duddies with Nielsen boxes start dying off, so seeing a show with a diehard online following tap into Internet resources like this is a step in the right direction. Even if it’s not enough to save “Community,” at least it may start the ball rolling for other smart, web-friendly shows down the line .

HEY SPEAKING OF SHOWS I’M ALWAYS YELLING AT PEOPLE TO WATCH TO THE POINT IT BECOMES A GRATING CHARACTER FLAW, did you guys know the first season of “Terriers” is on Netflix Instant now? God I miss that show. [tries to whistle “Terriers” theme] [can’t whistle] [kind of just blows “Terriers” theme sounding air out of mouth]

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