Jimmy Fallon And Brad Pitt Yodeled From Rooftops For 'World War Z' Because It Makes Perfect Sense

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I’m so confused about what to make of World War Z. I loved the book, but have reservations about a film adaptation. Brad Pitt’s enthusiastic promotion over the last few weeks is kind of charming, but I can’t help but get a sense of desperation. Not to mention zombie fatigue and all. But then it’s trending nicely on RT and all the buzz seems to be good buzz so I guess I should just quit being a dickhead and be thankful I’m getting Brad Pitt in a summer blockbuster adaptation that people actually seem to care about instead of a Michael Bay brain cell killer starring Will and Jaden.

That brings us to yodeling (who has two thumbs and is great at segues?). Last night — for some random reason — Jimmy Fallon’s comedy bit involved rooftops, Brad Pitt, and the lost art of the yodel. I imagine the idea spurred from Pitt’s rooftop availability and 1500s Alps look, or maybe it’s in reference to zombies sucking at stairs and the lack of modern technology during a zombie apocalypse. Not sure. All I do know is that while it’s not Fallon’s finest, there are a lot worse ways to burn two minutes on YouTube videos this morning. A LOT worse ways.

I’m almost certain sure the “same” was a GOB Bluth reference.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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