Let Dana From MTV’s ‘True Life: I’m Too Beautiful’ Explain Why It ‘Sucks Being Pretty’

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06.03.13 36 Comments

Back in October 2012, MTV’s True Life posted the following note on their Facebook page:

Do your good looks threaten others? Do you constantly receive compliments from strangers, but fear you outshine your friends? Do your friends not include you in nights out on the town because you steal the show? Or do your co-workers think you were promoted because of your physical charms? Is the only crime you’ve committed being beautiful or handsome? Do people assume you’re no brains because you’re all beauty?

If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 24 and feel that your looks are holding you back email us at casting@gigantic.tv. to be considered for this episode of MTV’s True Life. Be sure to include your name and location, tell us about the downsides of being too hot and let us know about any upcoming events where you fear your beauty will put you in a bad spot. Please include a recent photo.

TL;DR: if your targeted Facebook ads are for bikinis, not double bacon cheeseburgers, then True Life wants you! Or, wanted, because MTV already found their willing guinea pigs (“UGH, like, don’t call me a pig”) for a special entitled “I’m Too Beautiful” that aired over the weekend. Let’s meet 21-year-old Dana who has it real tough, you guys.

In a clip provided by Gawker, Dana said, “I literally get treated like a princess and I don’t really have to be that smart, I guess, because I am my looks. It’s true. But at the same time, it sucks being pretty because it’d be nice if people took me seriously once in awhile.” Girl, I know just what you mean. People be hating because they jealous.

Slayer’s “Criminally Insane” isn’t the only thing I’m going to CRUSH tonight. Anyway, Dana dropped out of high school, hopes to find love one day “but when you look like me, it’s not easy,” and wants to get breast implants, so she can go from a “10” to a “200.” Yet the most endearing part of her personality is the way she ends every sentence like a question. “so people saY thAT I’M REALLY PRETTY” That doesn’t get old immediately.

(Via Gawker)

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