Mac Lines For When You Know You Look Good

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If there’s one thing that comes to mind with Ronald “Mac” McDonald (Rob McElhenney) besides his name, it is his profound level of confidence. For 11 seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the head of security and self-appointed sheriff of Paddy’s Pub has constantly boasted about his physique, his karate skills, and the cultivation of mass back when that was his thing. Mac’s inflated self-worth is hilarious, but also a little inspirational, if you think about it. Mac’s need for approval aside, who wouldn’t want to be that thrilled with the act of being themselves on the daily?

So, in celebration of Mac, go ahead and cut the sleeves of your shirt, flex those glamour muscles, and start showing off your moves in what-you-assume-is-martial arts. Here are some Mac lines to help you remind the world that you know you look good and that you’re ripped… or jacked… toned? You work out.

“Because it’s all about rocking and looking good and kicking ass.”



This is Mac’s entire outlook on life summarized in just a few words. When Mac and Charlie (Charlie Day) talk about forming a band, despite a lack of any musical know-how, Mac simply applies his outlook to their theoretical band. At the drop of a hat, Mac stood ready to strap on a guitar and take his sex appeal to the stage. Mac shows us that it’s not just looking good that’s important — it’s the knowing it that’s key. Although, if you’re going with the ‘let’s form a band’ route, some basic musical understanding wouldn’t hurt.

“Look at me: I went from a tiny twink to the muscle-bound freak you see before you.”



Mac never seemed more proud of himself when he was, according to him, ‘cultivating mass.’ He saw this weight gain as a way of turning himself into an even more intimidating, immovable, chimichanga-loving force to be reckoned with.




In Mac’s mind, being physically imposing is the ultimate look, and when he was at peak mass-cultivation, he had become the best self-appointed sheriff of Paddy’s Pub he could possible be. This was only reinforced by his challenge to Dennis (Glenn Howerton) to move him. While Dennis wasn’t able to move him, that may have had more to do with Dennis being just as unhealthy as Mac.

“I wanted to create that sort of gaunt, angular look with my cheekbones to impress him. You know, give myself a more athletic look.”



Mac’s man-crush on Phillies’ second baseman Chase Utley had been established for a while, and when Mac sees a possible opportunity to meet and even maybe ‘have a catch’ with his idol, he goes to great lengths to make sure he looks even better. In doing so, Mac goes to Dennis-like extremes to cultivate what he imagines will be the best way to impress him. Just because you know you look good, doesn’t mean you can’t try to go the extra mile when it’s important now and then.

“I did my hair good and I’m wearing two colognes.”



Remember, by Mac’s standards, anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Though you may just want to stick to doing your hair good and limit yourself just one cologne, if any.

“Good call on these outfits, dude.”



You can build up your pecs and slam on your glutes. Just shred your deltoids and your trapezius, but if you’re not well schooled in the ways of sculpting a fine-assed wardrobe, you’re at a disadvantage. Mac understands the value of a sharp look and he’s not too big to give thanks to Charlie for his guidance.

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