Morning Links: Corgis playing tetherball

02.03.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

From now on, Corgi Fridays will also be held on Thursdays and involve action sports. [BuzzFeed]

New FilmDrunk Supercut: Cinema’s Abused Dwarfs. From Tony Cox getting kicked in the junk to the near constant assaults on Peter Dinklage, relive the highlights in a century almost exclusively devoted to kicking the crap out of little people. [FilmDrunk]

10 Rappers I Once Swore By. I was hoping The Fat Boys would be in here somewhere. [The Smoking Section]

People who attack sports mascots have a special spot for them reserved in Hell. Being drunk is no excuse, Plucky the Whale didn’t do anything to you, he loves you and wants you to enjoy the sports. [With Leather]

9 Book Displays That Will Make You Fear For Humanity. Seems like you could put anyone shopping here in the Tragic Lives section. I mastered in Buffy Studies. Wait, I’m sorry, “mastered” is the wrong word. [NextRound]

Upon reflection, The Cape is still just the worst. If you haven’t yet, read Arkard’s dissection of television’s best worst show. [Uproxx]

James Franco to teach a class about James Franco. 12 of the private film school’s best editing students to create a 30 minute documentary film from videographic footage from Mr. Franco’s own unorthodox career. Yeah, right, he’s just trying to get somebody to edit him out of Spider-Man 3. [Moviefone]

YouTube videos of people hurting themselves on treadmills. Having this happen is called an “epic fail.” Putting it on the Internet is more of an ethic fail. [Unathletic]

This is all well and good, but where are the Thomas and Martha as Owen and Beru? Check out Batman X Star Wars now, before Teefury finds the pictures on this link and makes a shirt out of every single f**king one of them. [Unreality Magazine]

Watch a blind man drive one and a half miles without crashing. Then, watch a group of mentally-handicapped people crank out a new episode of Outsourced. [Gamma Squad]

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