Never Go to Walmart on Valentine’s Day, and the Morning Links

02.15.12 6 years ago

This was the scene at Walmart yesterday at 4 p.m. Nothing says love like a last-second bought $0.99 card with a dog pun on it. “I hope you like it ruff because tonight we’re going to get our doggy-style on.” (Reddit)

Kate Upton Gloriously Rejects Darren Rovell’s Valentine’s Day Advances On National TV — (Uproxx)

Music’s 5 Newest Illuminati Inductees — (Smoking Section)

The Superhero Movie Guilt Calculator — How Badly Did the Comics Industry Screw the Creators Behind 2012′s Superhero Blockbusters? — (Gamma Squad)

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 2/13/12 Embraces Hate, Melodrama, Wheelchair Violence — (With Leather)

The Dark Knight Rises Stole Our Food Truck Idea! — (Film Drunk)

30 Surreal Photos of a Chinese Sex Toy Factory — (BuzzFeed)

Guess How Much Chris Pine Made For This Means War — (Moviefone)

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Whitney Houston — (Pop Crush)

Honest Trailer: Phantom Menace 3D — (Screen Junkies)

10 Celebrities Making Appearances Video Games — (Unreality Mag)

The 10 Heart-Achiest Films of All Time — (Pajiba)

Greg Brady, Danny Partridge, Sherilyn Fenn, Johnny Fever, Alice Cooper, and Bigfoot. Together Finally. — (Fark)

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