The Official ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4 Poster Will Be In Dorm Rooms For Decades

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02.27.14 11 Comments

game of thrones season 4 crow

Damn. That Game of Thrones Wolverine-Crow is going to look really good next to my John Belushi “College” poster, and my Brad Pitt holding a bar of soap poster, and my Pink Floyd “back catalogue” poster, and my Johnny Cash giving the world the middle finger poster, and my Salvador Dalí melting clocks poster, and my Jules and Vincent brandishing guns poster, and my bunch of construction workers having lunch in New York City poster, and my Scarface poster, and my Bob Marley smoking weed poster, and my two girls making out on a keg poster, and my two girls making out on a bed poster. It’s a very big dorm room.

game of thrones season 4 poster

Via @GameOfThrones

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