Let’s Compare Characters From ‘Scandal’ To Characters From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Because This Is The Internet


Comparing Game of Thrones to something that isn’t Game of Thrones ain’t exactly the most original, groundbreaking concept in the world. We’ve seen Parks & Rec, Arrested Development, The Princess Bride, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mean Girls, etc etc etc. It’s been done many times by many people in many places.

It’s really a lot of fun, though, and it’s hard to stop once you get started, so here we are, a few days after I sent Dustin and Maske an innocent little email that read “Mellie from Scandal is basically a Lannister,” posting a full-on character comparison graphic for the two shows that we all put together. I’m not even really sure how it happened. All I know is that it works really well, and that I am very pleased with myself for comparing Harrison and Abby to Khaleesi’s dragons. So, yeah, not sorry. Not even a little.


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