The BBC May Have Accidentally Revealed The New ‘Doctor Who’ Doctor In A URL

08.04.13 3 years ago • 11 Comments


The BBC’s official announcement of which actor (or corgi) will be the next to put on the Doctor’s tweed jacket on Doctor Who won’t be until later today, at 2 p.m. EST. But wild, crazed, foaming at the mouth fans already have a good idea of who it might be, based on an accidental URL on the BBC’s website.

bbc url

If true, Entertainment Wise concludes Aneurin Barnard is the frontrunner play #12, though they’re also careful to add, “[Some] have suggested that the wrong spelling of the world ‘twelfth’ means that it is not a genuine page. It has also been noticed that users can replace that tag in the URL with absolutely anything else and it will still land on the same holding page.” I hope it’s a fake, so the dream of Dogtor Who can live on, for a few more hours at least.


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