The Dog From ‘Dog With A Blog’ Discusses Bacon Fire Hydrants And It Gets Weird As Hell

09.03.14 4 Comments


We’ve discussed the “real” blog that the dog from Disney’s Dog With a Blog writes on the show’s official website before. A few times, actually. It’s really weird. Sprinkled in with entries about the goings-on of the show are entries about peeing on stuff, and antagonizing cats, and dogs going to space, and it all comes off like the work of an incredibly baked intern. There are worse ways to earn college credit, I suppose.

I bring this up again today because I just stumbled across the entry for July 31 titled “Bacon Fire Hydrant,” and … you should read it. Emphasis mine.

So I gave up bacon art after I made a bacon fire hydrant and nearly went nuts over what to do with it. It’s my toilet. It’s my lunch. It’s my toilet! It’s my lunch! It’s my toilet and my lunch! Oh, the struggles we endure for our art. Why do I even bother? Because it is our ability to appreciate art that separates us from the animals. Wait, I am an animal. So why am I wasting my time with art? There are squirrels to chase!

Dog With a Blog is the greatest television show in the world.

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