Watch David Blaine Blow Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul’s Mind With An Outstanding Magic Trick

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11.15.13 38 Comments

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On Tuesday, illusionist and magician David Blaine has a special on ABC called David Blaine: Real or Magic. Among the celebrities appearing on the show are Jamie Foxx, Ricky Gervais, Katy Perry, Woody Allen, Will Smith, and Robert DeNiro. For our purposes, however, nothing is likely to top seeing Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston together again, in somebody’s living room, hanging out with Blaine, who does a card trick that pretty much blows their minds. Paul’s response to the trick is pretty much that of Jesse Pinkman discovering how awesome magnets are.

We don’t see the entire magic trick, but we see the reveal, and you can figure out the rest from the context, and yes, it’s pretty goddamn awesome. As Aaron Paul says, “WOW, wow, wow, holy BLEEEEEEP BLEEP BLEEP.”

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