Must Watch: This Perd Hapley Musical Opening To The ‘Parks And Recreation’ 100th Episode Special

Editorial Director
01.06.14 14 Comments

Come for the Perd Hapley musical number, stay for the Parks and Recreation cast reliving their favorite moments in show history. Or so I always say.

Seriously though, this is 19:09 minutes of unadulterated joy that just happens to kick off with Perd singing words to the Parks theme that describe what an intro song should be like. From there we’re talking clip gala with the cast adding color to the best scenes in show history. Highlights include Ben Wyatt stage fright, Jerry’s huge penis, Leslie’s “b*tches be crazy” rant, and Rob Lowe confirming “Stop. Pooping.” is the greatest line ever written for him.

Enjoy. If you need me I’ll be turning Perd’s intro into my ringtone.

NBC Parks and Recreation

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